Fit Guide

We'll be the first to admit that even our awesome pants don't look good if you've got the wrong fit. When checking out our styles, it's important to determine what type of fit works best for your body and your personality style. At Vox & Leo we offer two current fits, a skinny and a slim fit. For the most part, we recommend that if you've got a thin build and aren't too tall, you should lean towards the skinny cut. Excess fabric or baggy pants don't look very flattering. 

If you've generally been wearing straight cut or classic cut pants, then it may take some time to get used to wearing slimmer pants, but the payoff is definitely worth it. Don't take our word for it - here's a message we got from one of our customer's girlfriend: 

"The Venice look great on Joe! He's worn them to almost all of our date nights and I don't blame him. Makes him look 5 pounds lighter!" 

The Slim Fit

A very contemporary look that shows the shape of your legs but still feels roomy enough for most men's comfort zones. This cut has a slightly shorter rise, is slim through the thigh and knee and has a narrower leg opening. If you've never tried a slim fit pant, we highly recommend it. 

Slim Fit Designs: The Berlin, The Manhattan, The Tokyo, The Cairo, The London


The Skinny Fit

This a bolder look and works really well if you have a thin build. This fit sits lower on the waist (our shortest rise), is skinny through the thigh and knee and has a narrow leg opening for a more tapered look. A hint of stretch makes skinny cuts extra comfortable. This is a more fashion-forward look and is great for those of us whose legs don't fill out roomier cuts. 

Skinny Fit Designs: The Rome, The Seoul, The Venice, The Osaka, The Moscow

Still not certain which fit is better for you? Shoot us an email at, we'll get back to you pronto.