About Us

"Damn, those are some nice pants!"

We really like patterned pants. We've been wearing them for years, getting tons of compliments in the process (and not just from Grandma). They're the perfect balance: basic meets fashion-forward, with just the right amount of personality and fun.

But it's impossible to find patterned pants made from high-quality materials, by ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturers, without having to spend hundreds of dollars on designer labels.

So we decided to create our own!

We're really excited that you're here, and we are excited to share our vision with you. If you have any thoughts or feedback, drop us a note at founder@voxandleo.com!

If you're interested in learning more about how we design and manufacture our pants, check out our FAQS page. 

Yours truly,

Omer | Founder
Vox & Leo

A personal message from our founder:

Hey hey, I'm Omer, the founder of Vox & Leo - a one stop shop for you to get incredibly stylish pants. What started off as a passion project has grown to so much more. Fashion and style has always been incredibly important to me, which is why I wanted to pursue a project in this area. I know that we've all gone through our own challenges, mine was being bullied for being the skinny kid all through middle school and high school - building my own personal style helped me escape that. I'm glad of the progress I've made, and wish that our styles can help you build that same level of confidence! I'd love to hear more from you, on the things that you're working on overcoming and how we can help you on your journey. Feel free to email me at founder@voxandleo.com, 


Styling our Manhattan Trousers with olive green loafers