Crafting quality men’s footwear since 1986.

At the beginning of our journey, we struggled like many others with poor craftsmanship - cemented soles that would fall apart, corrected grain leather uppers, and poorly designed lasts that pinch your toes with each step. We were not happy with the products we were making and were even more disappointed when we realized the waste generated by substandard footwear. So we made a commitment to do better.

WE TRAvelled to one of the shoe capitals of the world, Tokyo and learned from the best.

Their passion was unlike anything we’d ever seen. Whether these craftsmen were locally trained or had apprenticed abroad, they had all taken their knowledge and refined it beyond compare, thus bringing a new level of artistry to men’s footwear. Committed to training ourselves in their craft, we developed partnerships with Japanese shoemakers that continue to this day.

We believe that everyone should have access to luxury footwear without the luxury price tag. 

We examined our supply-chain and took every opportunity to eliminate mark-ups. At Vox & Leo, we are committed to creating beautiful high-quality shoes that are also equitable by offering you “direct-from-factory” prices. We've partnered with Columbia University graduates to help set up our operations in San Francisco, California. We're really proud of where we've come with our shoes and we can’t wait for you to try them!

We hope you enjoy wearing your Vox and Leos as much as we do crafting them.