About Us

"Damn, those are some nice pants!"

Those 6 magical words are what we live for.

As you've probably guessed, we love patterned pants....a little too much. It's an incredibly easy way to bring character to any outfit. The challenge was consistently finding designs that had just the right amount of oomph without being overly bold. But that wasn't enough, we wanted to make sure that what we bought was made from high quality materials, manufacturers, without having to spend hundreds of dollars on designer labels. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the right designs and brand that resonated with our values. 

So we decided to create our own!

We're really excited that you're here, and we are excited to share our vision with you. If you have any thoughts or feedback, drop us a note at founder@voxandleo.com!

If you're interested in learning more about how we design and manufacture our pants, check out our FAQS page. 

Yours truly,

Omer | Founder
Vox & Leo